Hmmmm.. What  do I start with?

You can Find beauty in everything, Because everything is Beautiful!

 Lets say It took me almost around 6 months to finally giddy up and start my own blog after continuously scrutinizing over a large number of blogs. I tried to understand how this blog thingy works + read a lot of fashion/style/beauty/technology/health/travel blogs as a personal research before I steeped into a Blogger’s Shoes. 

And then one day I realized all this while my friends have been on and on praising me about this weird talent in me that I am a crazy shopaholic, BUT thats not the best part, what was; that I could literally bring down the price of anything and everything that I shopped for. I had the best bargaining talent combined with spotting the trends, That’s What I have heard so far .. so Lets see how this goes !!! 

I am a designer and a Big foodie.. where food comes before everything + I love travelling! Graphics, Textiles, patterns, Architecture, witty designs and everything catches my eye. Here I am breaking down my thoughts into writing!