Hello Girls!

All you Brainy Geeks and nerds out there Fashion is really simple when compared to your Tremendous Trigonometry  or Bhayank Biology or the Complicated Chemistry. 
Its really really easy to understand now with so many brands and online help don’t you think so?  

SO Fashion For Beginners! 

  1. First and foremost thing know your BODY TYPE(shape).
    Do you think it will help? yes a lot!!
    By knowing your body type you can decide what kind to buy, what clothes to wear which will make you feel beautiful about your body and will make you more confident.
  2. Learn what to wear and What not to!
    By Knowing what to wear you will know how to enhance certain parts of your body and whilst learning how to not wear something gives you knowledge about what will make you look bad.
  3. Follow a celebrity style
    So u like a particular Celebrity In Bollywoood/Hollywood? and you think what they wear is perfectly in sync with what you would want to wear + you adore them! GOOD GOING they will be your style icon. Start following and then try to imitate their style in very simple ways for example: Alia Bhatt wore a simple kurti with jeans and you think its adorable ? follow her!
  4. Create you own personal style 
    Once you have tried your favorite celebrity style and you like some of them, try them again differently. You know that some clothes really suite you very well and yes of course your friends have also complimented you about it Right? Enhance these looks and make it your personal style; there is nothing like it. For example : wearing pain t-shirts and Denims with a cardigan/jacket is your style then enhance it. 
    start shopping new stuff you have never tried! yet again I say Don’t be shy!
    for example : Go buy a new scarf; it will go with anything like t-shirt/shirts/tops and simple jeans.

                                  QUOTE FOR THE DAY!


                                                        – Coco Channel