Now there are umpteen number of fashion stores where you can buy everything from a shampoo to a denim. Since the whole world of shopping has come to your own doorstep its an added advantage and a less a task to choose n buy new stuff sitting where ever you are. The best part is you get exchanges and discounts as well.

Here is a list of Indian fashion and lifestyle websites every girl must know about and what is best in  each website.


The First designer store in Bangalore is affiliated with How cool is that?
Girls!! Girls!! you get the best of fashion here at the best prices because this website is always running mind blowing offers without missing a day!

Who doesn’t know this fashion giant right? you get the best of all fashion labels which are pocket friendly as well as designer brands. 

This is one of the top most online fashion store where u get international trends right there! They have the best of all the fashion week products put out there which are extremely fashionable and and gives you a feel of out of the runway into the streets .

After the huge merger with Myntra; Flipcart yet has its own vast variety of clothing line ranging from tops,dresses,bottoms, kurtas and so on.

One of a kind, girly chic online fashion store where smart and sleek tops, dresses and more are found. Their styling and cuts are unique from the rest of the stores as they design it exclusively.

Here is another online fashion store where you can find rare pieces patterned for each individual like styles. The dresses and tops are different form rest of the lot.

This website is so far the best website which offers a wide range of lingerie and other intimate wear. The site has innumerable number of options suiting every girls’ dream wear.

We all are aware of this international website which offers a wide variety of products. It contains a huge number of options when compared with the other websites.

Some of the other fashion websites which you all can always visit to check out and compare are listed here. These are no less than the biggies, as their stuff is equally awesome. 
I hope this was a great deal of  options to check out and head for an online shopping spree for all you girls out there! 


“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

 Carrie Bradshaw