Personal Style is not just in what you wear, it’s in the music you listen to, the perfume you choose, the way you hold yourself and an overall “life style” that you portray.

Its not surprising that the most basic thing which sets an impression on a person is the personal style. Its actually a direct expression of one’s personality and individuality. There are some who have a certain signature style, which goes beyond wearing the same things repeatedly. For others, its a certain confidence and the air of attitude that they put together on an outfit.

When celebrities like Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham run out for a few things at the grocery store, they look like they’ve just stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine. It’s easy to look fabulous all the time when you have personal stylists at your beck and call.

For those of us with limited bank accounts, however, looking fashionable can be more of a challenge. Yet fashion experts say that you can look fabulous, regardless of you much you spend.. as these styles are not really difficult to put together!

Lets get going shall we ?
 First and the foremost 
1. Know your personality
2.Decide whether you want to wear Ethnic or western or fusion or the geek style 
3.After deciding learn which is more comfortable for you. 
4.Look out for your celebrity inspiration.
5.Look out for fashion weeks and Trends 
6.They help you decide which will be trending this season; so that you don’t look out of the spaceship wearing alien cloths. 
7.Also helps you know what is not in trend and which is to be avoided!

People will stare make it worth their while 🙂