Amazon India Couture Week 2015 in Delhi; with 12 couturiers set to showcase their collections over five days. With fresh collaborations, new launches and celebrity spotting on the ramp, the fashion extravaganza promises plenty of surprises. From jumpsuit shararas to edgy evening wear, the grandeur of gowns to floral flamboyance, it’s Indian couture with a modern interpretation. Here’s a sneak peek. 

The big talk last night was the collaboration between Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Christian Louboutin. As packed as a Sabyaschi opening show can tend to get, this night was no different but the red sole factor added more layers to the mass of excited attendees. Both established names in their own right, the combined forces of the designers, design teams and fanbase made a night that won’t be forgotten easily.
 The ten things you need to know about the opening show at Amazon India Couture Week, straight from the capital.
1. Guests: A pure aesthetic-driven show the cool guests present included designer Rohit Bal and embroiderer Jean Francois Lesage. 
2. Collab: The idea of the collaboration between the two designers came about when Louboutin was shopping at the Sabyasachi flagship store in Kala Ghoda and the two got talking.
3. Shoefies: Christian Louboutin and Sabyasachi Mukherjee took shoefies backstage.
4. The set: The set resembled a rundown house complete with grimy windows, creaky doors and cobwebs.
5.  Ambience: The guests were greeted by the eerie talk of crickets. Bizzare? Only until you saw it’s reflection in the embroidery detailing on the shoes.
6. Invite: The press release was done in a grim concrete grey with just a hand-drawn claw titled ‘Bater’.
7. Details: The usual opulent signature Sabyasachi look took a dark turn. The embroidery was visibly edgier, feral and Goth.
8. Beauty: The beauty look for the evening was glossy hair pulled back in a bun and dark wine lips. The model wore distinctly hazel lenses and feathered voluminous eyelashes. The combination of which resulted in a rather unsettling, staring match catch-up with models backstage.
9. Red: In a sea of muted gold, ink blues and black, the last looks were bold deep reds—another sign of common obsession between the two couturiers.
10. The music : The show music was a piano score, notes of which were closer at home to a saudade. A 40-part orchestra recorded the music in a studio specially for the show.