COLOUR BLOCK by aishwarya-iyengar featuring a pastel nail polish

Katy Perry is synonymous with her beautiful blend of visual fantasy world and her melodies that take us all to a fairy tale world every time we listen to her albums. The California Gurls, which is an adaptation of Candy land, takes us into an enchanted world of candies, popsicles, and ice creams. The snow-kissed pathways filled with baby pink swirly candy trees on either sides, and the colourful pendulous toffies that make way to the tangy lollypops and the dripping ice-cream cones, the jelly monsters strolling by the candy fairy trapped in a soft pink bubble; Ah! Such a true to life yet a dramatic visual that can enchant anyone, right? How I wish I could live in such an animated land happily ever after!
Dragging you all back to reality, Katy Perry has been a fashion icon through her psychedelic sense of style. This has always intrigued me and inspired me to try something out with vivid and splashy colours. Though, I have never been afraid to use colours, there’s always been a tiny voice inside telling me: “OMG! You look like a clown!” That’s not the end of it, is it? I was out shopping last Sunday with a few of my buddies when one of the acquaintances remarked, “Do you think you can accommodate more colours? Or is that it? You look like a colourful building.” This is when the tiny voice screamed out to me saying, “You may look like a circus clown to them, but common, you are colour blocking that not everyone can carry off in style.”
Did that stop me? No you silly! I love what I wear. The colour block trend has always been around and has been cropping up in creative new ways of late. Along with traditional multi-hues, celebrities are mashing up colourful separates or letting bold accessories do the talking. Colour blocking is as simple as an outfit that is composed of finite blocks of colour. Tadaa!
How to rock the colour block?
  1. Monochrome – Do a colour block with one colour in the entire outfit; like a red top and a plum straight skirt.
  2. Separates – Mix garments of contrasting colours (2-4); like a black top with a red block and pair it with white trousers!
  3. One Piece – Just buy a Coloured Block Dress and accessorize it!
  4. Standalone – Mix prints or checks with your colour block; a blue and turquoise pullover with monochrome check jeggings, like the way I have!
  5. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear flattering silhouettes, sometimes it’s nice to combine the baggy fit and the skinny fit to balance it all out.
  6. You can always use a dash of accessories like a neon or a single colour clutch or a messenger bag.
  7. Go ahead, even if you look like an architectural building, don’t fret! You will look fab in them.





Colour block pullover – Tibetan Market INR 800
Checks Jegging – INR 500 
Turquoise Sneakers – Malleshwaram INR 1050
Watch – Aldo INR 1999
Neon Messenger Bag – INR 500
Aviators – Brigade Road INR 150