The sale season made me a monstrous shopaholic! At the SPLASH Fashion, I literally picked out every jewelry available on the display and added it to my shopping bag. The store guys were staring at me like as though I was a manic trying to rob the whole store! To top it off my Friend was like where

the hell are you going to wear a shop full of accessories all at once? But I couldn’t have such negativity around while shopping can I? LoL.. I continued to add on more belts and other unwanted stuff you know.. I hope all of you girls can understand my feeling right then.

This is what Inspired me to put out the perfect look for the Day 3 of Bangalore Fashion week. Long ago I had ordered a Black crop top and a Black maxi skirt from KOOVS and was wondering wont I look like a Goth If I just wear both of it together? But eureka! I could wear all the accessories I want with this outfit! What More can I ask for? And that’s how I decided put up the look together!


It was a Saturday morning and I was just chilling at my friend’s place and then we decided to go to all the way from korma gala to Rajajinagar…  ahh! the travelling in Bangalore traffic; do I need to say anything more? But I was all decked up and excided to go and have a look at the shows happening.
DAY 3 of Blender’s Pride Bangalore Fashion week held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel; featuring Angaara, Bijay Gupta Couture, Shioka Sudhakar, Ranipink Studio, Maanay, Urban Factory, Riya Kodali, Abhishek Dutta and Dream Zone.
After looking around in the kiosks at the displayed collection of designers and a little of hanging around here and there socialising I was awed by the collection of Riya Kodali and instantly decided not to miss the show. Then started of my quest for fashion with the RANIPINK STUDIO by Indrani Royan. Her studio is situated in HSR layout and her collection was a plethora of silhouettes and colours. There was also a variety of embroidery techniques used ranging from zardosi to silk thread work and Rich pitta work. Rani Pink studio is all “about being you”.








I was so damn hungry that I missed Ashok Maanay show to go and hog some droughts at Krispy cream in Orion, so that I could sail through rest of my evening. The next was URBAN FACTORY by a techie turned designer. They are technology driven global platform giving an opportunity for aspiring designers and models to fuse entrepreneurship and creative skills. Their first collection was a mix of four themes to give a unique touch. Indigo blue, Nature’s sage, Mosaic tiles, belle de depicting different tones of blue, natural colours, prints with lace details and romantic era inspired flairs; respectively. Check out the time-lapse and a few snapshot of the URBANFACTORY.


Finally, the RIYA KODALI show which I was eagerly waiting for was all about the sparkle found in the nature. Her collection narrated the vibrancy found in the aquatic life showing the fantasy of nature. Her designs depicted the Indian ethos with a blend of western influence. Each and every design had a dazzling brilliance which were like millions of swrosky attached. The intricate embroidery is a traditional art handed down generations. Former miss universe URVASHI RAUTELA set the sage on fire as a show’s topper!

Check out my Instagram and Facebook page for the time lapse videos  for more details.All images are taken from my Iphone 6s and the respective Facebook pages of the designers.